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This is the definitive guide to understanding and assessing your insurance needs.

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Finance and Insurance


Buying a personal boat is a big decision and probably one of the biggest purchases you will make, so finding the right boat for your personal needs is not only important, but Finding the best way to pay for it.Many options and packages are now available from various sources such as banks, building societies and credit card companies, but not all offer real value.

The word finance is often surrounded by confusion and misunderstanding. Most people either have heard of certain packages but don't know how they work, or are completely unaware of the various systems on the market and the benefits they can offer.

Here at Adboat360, we work with many major financial companies. This allows us to always offer highly competitive packages that can be tailored to your exact needs. We also try to explain in plain English the benefits they can offer.

We are happy to offer a funding package and hope it will save you time, money and hassle in the long run. The application can be sent in minutes and he usually receives a response within an hour. All procedures will be handled for you, so all you have to do is sign!

For more information or a quote, please contact our sales department or click the button below. we are here to help.

SALES HOTLINE:+44-747-667-6560. Finance is available to anyone aged 21 or over, subject to status.


Although it is not legally required to have insurance, it is highly recommended to protect yourself and your boat. Click the banner at the right side of this page to receive competitive quotes from insurance brokers.