Jet skis banned in Egypt’s Red Sea cities to prevent ‘disastrous’ accidents

adboat 0 Comments November 18, 2022

CAIRO: Seen by many as a menace of the sea, now Egypt’s Red Sea governorate, one of the country’s top touristic destinations, has banned jet skis as a proactive step to prevent “disastrous” accidents, according to local newspapers.  

Governor Amr Hanafy said the decision did not seek to upset visitors to the governorate’s cities but rather to preserve the lives of citizens and tourists.

The governor ordered the activation of the ban, which has been issued since 2010, from Monday, urging authorities to immediately deal decisively with violators.

Violators face punishments including the seizing of their jet ski, the statement added. 

The governor indicated that he does not aim to restrict citizens and tourists, but since jet ski accidents are “catastrophic,” he said he would not wait for a “disaster” to occur in any of the Red Sea cities amid the current tourism boom witnessed by the governorate, especially Hurghada. 

Hanafy said there are many other safer water activities taking place.