Tripuss FUN underwater scooter




The Tripuss FUN underwater scooter is the entry-level model, yet it has many similarities with the other models and benefits from the same manufacturing quality. It combines a max. 15km/h as well as a power of 650N thanks to its 1.73kW/h LG batteries. With its 2800 Watts of maximum power, the Tripuss FUN thruster is already more powerful than 90% of existing underwater scooters on the market. Its autonomy of 70 minutes allows you to take full advantage of your outings. And its color LCD screen displays all the important information. Its modular design allows internal components to be changed quickly and easily, which greatly facilitates its maintenance. Thus changing a battery or a screen does not necessarily require an expensive return to the workshop and only takes a few minutes.

Configurable color screen
1.73kWh LG batteries
48V 38Ah
Size: 115 x 60 x 40cm
Speed: 15km/h
Type of Battery: Li-ion 1.73 KWh
Run time: 7 mins
Power: 2800 watts
Thrust Max: 650N
Number of Gear: 5
Max Depth: 20 m
Depth Limiter: Available
weight: 40 kg
Charging time: 7 h

2 year parts and labor warranty

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