Jetovator Flying Bike




* The easiest hydroflight device on the market. If you can ride a bike, you can ride the Jetovator!
* Infinite-swivel hose connector, allowing for spins and advanced maneuvers without concern for hose kinks
* Lengthened hose, providing a flight ceiling of 50+ feet
* Tri-Jet Design, allowing for lift and precision steering,
* Improved bike seat design, vastly improving comfort and allowing for longer flight times
* Strengthened U-pipe jet ski connector, ensuring efficient water flow to the Jetovator.

* Jetovator Bike
* 60 Foot 4inch hose(black, yellow or red)
* Compact thrust adapter (u-pipe)
* Powerfly shock cord (for securing hose to PWC)

Color available: Yellow, Green and Blue.