Jetovator Tandem Jetbike




* The easiest hydroflight device on the market. If you can ride a bike, you can ride the Jetovator!
* Tri-Jet Design, allowing for lift and precision steering
* Compatible with most Yamaha, Kawasaki, SeaDoo watercraft Requires High Power PWC with at least 180hp and Dual Impeller.

The Tandem Jetovator has twin controls, allowing it to be controlled from the front or rear seat. New riders can fly in comfort knowing they have an instructor or experienced rider in the back that can take over the controls at any time. An adventurous day at the lake, river or ocean can be even more thrilling when flying above water with your friends on the new Jetovator Tandem Jetbike.

• Jetovator Tandem Jetbike
• 60 Foot 110mm hose (black, yellow or red)
• Special tandem thrust adapter (u-pipe)
• Powerfly shock cord (for securing hose to PWC)