X-Jetpack NX




* Infinite-swivel hose connector, allowing for spins and advanced maneuvers without concern for hose kinks
* Lengthened hose, providing a flight ceiling of 50+ feet
* Redesigned Y-pipe, providing smooth water flow to the jets, virtually eliminating cavitation and engine strain
* Improved saddle seat design, vastly improving comfort and allowing for longer flight times
* Redesigned 6-point harness/buckle system, allowing for easy entry and exit from the pack
* Modified shoulder strap and pad system, providing better comfort and improved flotation
* Strengthened U-pipe jet ski connector, allowing for quick attachment/detachment with no reduction in durability
* Compatible with most Yamaha, Kawasaki, SeaDoo watercraft.

• X-Jetpack
• 20-meter/66-foot hose (25-meter/82-foot hose available for additional charge)
• Jetpack Tri-Pod Stand
• PWC Venturi Adapter (Please indicate Yamaha, Kawasaki or SeaDoo)
• Silicone Rubber U-Pipe
• Trapeze Foot Rest.